Porch Preserves

Porch Preserves is a social enterprise project. We produce a range of jams and chutneys using ingredients grown in our own allotments and orchards or donated to us.

Our members are involved with every aspect of Porch Preserves: from choosing the ingredients, making the preserves, designing the packaging, labelling the jars and selling them. These experiences give members the chance to gain new skills. Nicola, one of our long standing volunteers (who won an Oxfordshire Volunteer of the Year award), runs sessions twice a week in our upstairs kitchen and we offer a free meal to those who are helping with the project.

We have Steppin’ Forward Projects that include garden maintenance work for another charity (Elder Stubbs) and for the Diocese. We have members contracted to help make preserves, soups and chutneys using the organic We sell our preserves to a handful of small stores and markets and many local fetes and fairs. We also make up seasonal gift baskets for celebrations such as Easter and Christmas and to meet individual orders. Preserves are sold at £2.50 and baskets at £10 each. Apart from produce from our own allotments, we rely on donations of fruit and vegetables from the Oxford Food Bank and generous donations of sugar and vinegar from the public.

Some ways that you can support our Porch Preserves project:

- organise donations of sugar or vinegar from schools, churches, workplaces or individual donations
- sell our preserves at your local fete, school, workplace, church or fair
- donate fruit and vegetables
- buy our jams and pickles!

If you would like to find out more about how you can get involved, are interested in buying or selling our preserves or would like to order a gift basket, please contact Guy:

01865 2517985

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